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The preferred method to install AppFlow is pip; to install it you must do:

On MacOS (depends on Brew):

brew install python3

Or if you already have python2 installed do:

brew upgrade python

On Linux Systems:

- Ubuntu/Debian:
sudo apt install python3-pip

- RedHat/Fedora:
sudo dnf install python3-pip

After this you will be able to install appflow using:

pip3 install appflow

this will install the appflow executable you will use.

This installation is incomplete without initializing the playbooks and your tenant. To initialize use:

appflow init

Then follow the simple instructions to choose your tenant name and default environment.

At this point the installation is complete. Now we will illustrate the folder structure.


Fix Ansible problems on 14.04

The python3 version Shipped with Ubuntu 14.04 is not enough to use ansible from pip3 that Appflow brings as dependency. We need to remove it and default to the PPA installation:

-  sudo pip3 uninstall ansible
-  sudo apt install python2 python2-pip python3 python3-pip git
-  sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ansible/ansible
-  sudo apt install ansible